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Our systems make it possible to provide quality Residential solutions for homes, condominiums and apartments.

We provide and/or install:
  • Telephone Outlets
  • Cable Outlets Pre or Post construction in Homes, Condos and Apartments


  • Virus, Adware, and Spyware Removal
    - Contain virus outbreaks
    - Remove prying Spyware and Adware, which can compromise your identity, slow down your computer, and make your computer available to hackers
  • Software Installation
    - Install new software on your PC Home
  • Network Installation
    - Set up your wireless or wired home network
  • Hardware & Computer Hardware and Memory Installations
    - Install / Upgrade your memory chips in your PC
    - Install a new hard drive, scanner, printer, or modem, etc.
  • Parental Controls
    - Control your child’s internet usage by blocking undesirable websites
  • Slideshow Presentations
    - Create slideshow presentations that can be shared with family and friends